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Hydropower in Figures

Hydropower is an indispensable pillar of our energy supply.
With a share of more than 15 percent, hydropower is worldwide the most significant renewable resource. Moreover, hydropower is an established and technically proven technology which mankind has been utilizing for more than 100 years. Electricity from hydropower will also be crucial in future, when it comes to converting our power supplies to renewable energy sources.

Hydropower in Germany 2012

Installed total power 4.400 MW
Produced amount of electricity 21.2 billion kWh
Share of energy consumption 3.6 percent
Investments (new systems) 70 million euros
Sales from system operation 380 million euros
Number of jobs 7,200
Export ratio of German companies > 80 percent
(Source: The Renewable Energies Agency / Agentur für Erneuerbare Energien)

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modern hydro power stations have an efficiency rating of more than 90 percent, making them the most effective technology for power generation?

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