Why Hydropower?

Energy Generation with Water

Hydropower is one of the most attractive energy carriers. It is low in emissions, infinite, eco-friendly. And it is economically viable:
Hydropower stations have the highest efficiency of all known kinds of energy generation. Today, hydropower is the only regenerative energy source to supply electricity on an industrial scale at competitive prices.

Voith is a pioneer and a pathfinder in hydropower. For nearly 150 years, the company has been developing innovative products that turn water into electric energy.

Technologies from Voith are in service all over the world - in large hydro power stations in China or India, in pumped storage power plants in Germany and Austria or in small hydro power plants all over the globe. Voith products supply energy wherever it is needed: safely, cleanly and reliably.

Did you know that

more than 70 percent of the earth's surface are covered by water?

Did you know that

one sixth of the energy produced worldwide is generated from hydropower?