Why Pumped Storage?

Pumped Storage Technology: Proven. Successful. Cost-Effective.

The basic principle of pumped storage power plants is relatively simple. They store electricity by pumping water from a lower reservoir to a higher one.
When electricity is needed, the water is directed downwards through turbines - this generates electricity, which is then supplied to the consumer. So far, pumped storage technology is the only long-term technically proven and cost-effective form of storing energy on a large scale and making it available at short notice.

Voith has been active in pumped storage technology for many years. The company has made vital contributions in this field, developed many innovations and continuously works on optimizing them. Voith invests in research and development in this area, because at today's technical standards there is no alternative to pumped storage as a power reservoir on an industrial scale.

"Pumped storage technology is the only long-term technically proven and cost-effective way of storing energy on a large scale and making it available at short notice."

Uwe Wehnhardt, Member of the Corporate Board of Management,
Chairman of the Management Board of Voith Hydro

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Technical Paper „Successful energy transition in Germany by pumped storage expansion“

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Pumped Storage Power Plants - New Tasks as Part of the Energy Transition

The energy transition changes the entire German energy mix.
In future, renewable energies will be the supporting pillar of power generation in Germany.

To achieve this, the German energy system needs more and more flexibility. Furthermore, in future times of low power generation through renewable energies, the security of supply has to be guaranteed. Pumped storage power plants can, besides their storage function, contribute substantially to the solution of both challenges.

Storage of Surplus Energy

Pumped storage power plants can save the excess supply of electricity from renewable energies. Environmentally friendly generated energy from wind and sun must therefore not go to waste. Storage facilities can feed this "green" electricity to the grid at a later date - a task that would have otherwise been performed by fossil power stations.

Reserve Output at Low Winds or Lack of Sunshine

During times of low feeds of renewable energy, pumped storage power plants are used to cover the daily peak demands in combination with the remaining fossil power stations. In this way they ensure that the number of less economical reserve plants can be reduced.

Flexibility for High Supply Quality

Pumped storage systems can react promptly and flexibly to grid fluctuations and compensate them reliably. And all this at very short notice and great speed: modern pumped storage plants respond in about 60 seconds.

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